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The English side of my site is no longer updated.

Please refer to the Finnish side instead, web translators seem to do acceptable job with Finnish nowadays.

I'm Zaros. When I'm not playing video games, I tend to play around with my Linux system. Politics, religion and mathematics interest me greatly. I'm also currently studying to become a mathematics teacher, but we'll see how that'll turn out.

Put simply: socialism is the answer, superstitious religions should die off and mathematics is incredibly beautiful.

I write a blog as well as make a list of interesting or useful sites I come across. Nothing I say here should be taken too seriously nor regarded as my complete views on matters.

It should also be noted that I don't put too much effort into the English version of my site. I only translate my posts rarely (if ever) and I'm also very lazy when it comes to updating the English side in general. Currently the useful sites section in particular is rather outdated. However, contact information and the PGP-key should be up to date.

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