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⛧ Stories written by me ⛧

Every now and then I tend to write little stories. Here I publish the ones that I think are even somewhat tolerable. Feedback on grammar and other things is always welcomed. I also publish them under a license, that will allow you to share them with others if you for some strange reason want to do that. More details about the license can be found at the end of each story, from the last page. Without further ado, I hope you find at least some enjoyment in my scribblings.

Stars of the Lake

As short story, taking place in a rural village during winter.

Runes of the Lake

Continuation to the story above. Takes place at the same like but in the summer.

Yellow Eyes in the Darkness

A short tale of a family. Even shorter than my story Stars of the Lake, and also less happy.

Where the Worthless Dwell

A story of a short walk through a city.